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Karey H. Powell

With over a decade of experience in the tech sector, I am a visionary Technology Architect and Engineer, proficient in leading complex projects and mission-critical systems from their inception to deployment. My expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of roles, including Software Engineering, Network Systems Engineering, and Solutions Architecture, across diverse industries.

In my recent endeavors, I have focused on architecting and implementing mission-critical distributed systems using microservices architecture. This approach has enabled me to create highly scalable, flexible, and resilient systems that can swiftly adapt to changing business needs and technological advancements. By decomposing traditional monolithic systems into independently deployable services, I have enhanced system maintainability, streamlined continuous delivery processes, and facilitated a more agile response to emerging requirements.

Leading a team of adept professionals, I excel in collaborating with clients to tailor IT strategies and technological roadmaps that address complex business challenges. My methodology promotes a unified vision and ownership of the technology landscape among all stakeholders—encompassing business leaders, internal tech teams, operational support, and strategic partners. I prioritize systemic qualities such as scalability, availability, security, maintainability, and extensibility, nurturing team cohesion and productivity, and integrating repeatable, measurable best practices throughout the software development lifecycle.

My collaborative efforts with teams and clients leverage the latest in technology solutions, frameworks, and methodologies to ensure the delivery of robust, secure systems. My technical acumen includes:

  • Cloud-native Architectures and Microservices, driving the design of agile, scalable, and fault-tolerant systems.
  • Advanced Web Technologies and Digital Experience Platforms, enhancing user engagement and streamlined content management.
  • Object-oriented Software Frameworks and Modern Distributed Systems, achieving superior system integration and functionality.
  • Next-generation Middleware and API Management Platforms, facilitating seamless system connectivity and efficient data exchange.
  • Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps practices, employing services like containerization (Docker, Kubernetes), and infrastructure as code (IaC) for rapid deployment and improved reliability.
  • Serverless Architectures and Event-driven Computing, optimizing operations and scalability through managed services and responsive design patterns.

By spearheading projects that incorporate these cutting-edge technologies, I am dedicated to crafting solutions that not only address current requirements but are also equipped to evolve with future technological shifts, ensuring enduring success and innovation.



  • Northern Caribbean University

    2008 - 2012

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    Specialized in Software Design and Development and System Engineering areas. Contributed to team projects, to create and simulate real-world applications. I developed working prototypes for numerous web site projects, which included web, mobile and desktop applications. I also served as a teaching assistant responsible for assignment grading, and one-on-one student meetings.

    Relevant Courses: Advance Application Development, Principles of Programming I & II, Algorithm Analysis & Design, Data Structures & Algorithms, System Administration & Engineering, Operating Systems, Data Telecommunications, Data Security, Distributed Systems, Database Systems, Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence.


  • LoanCirrus Limited

    Nov 2016 - Oct 2023

    Cofounder & DevOps Engineer

    • Setting up and administering the entire infrastructure that runs the LoanCirrus SaaS platform
    • Building and scaling the LoanCirrus APIs that facilitates integration with third-party systems
    • Building out automation tools that aid in faster deployments to upgrade or downgrade databases in the cluster
    • Develop integrated apps within the LoanCirrus platform that allows customers to connect to third-party vendors at the click of a button
    • Facilitate the migration of data to and from the system
    • Deploy, configure and manage virtual servers in the cluster

  • SpiderCentro, Inc.

    Oct 2014 – Nov 2016

    Director and CTO

    SpiderCentro is a startup with the vision of connecting businesses and services together through revolutionized custom solutions or by enhancing existing ones without impeding on your business processes. Our goal is to allow you the client to have a seamless integration with third-party services while making sure that everything is secured, so that you and your customers can feel protected knowing that their data is not being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

    • Architect solutions to meet business needs
    • Develop software applications
    • Design and implement APIs
    • Manage and recruit developers
    • Provide consulting services

  • Consultant

    Sep 2013 - Dec 2015

    Software Engineer & Consultant

    Built a server monitoring and analytics software called LoadAvg. LoadAvg is free software that will change the way you manage your servers. It helps you to view resource trends and patterns so you can easily pinpoint high resource usage times, and its powerful charts and graphs allow you to visually access daily load and memory usage.

    • Load Management.
    • Server Analytics.
    • Server Security.
    [LoadAvg Server API] => (LoadAvg Server)
  • Accelor8

    Jan 2012 – Aug 2013

    Software Engineer & Consultant

    I led and managed teams that were responsible for developing web applications for individuals and small businesses; we also specialized in API development and integration. In the process, we use agile development best practices to create robust and scalable applications to solve various problems. The areas of interest are healthcare, finance, digital products and mobile apps.


    May 2012 - Jun 2012

    Android Developer

    Developed a mobile application, Olympal, along with 3 other team members on the native Android platform which allowed Olympics enthusiasts to gain access to all information relating to the London Olympics 2012 right at their fingertips.

    • Created a user interface that was sleek and intuitive.
    • Implemented a micro-blogging feature that allowed users to share texts and a “Follow” feature so that users could get the latest happenings on their favourite athlete(s).
    • Developed a scheduling feature to facilitate reminders and event alerts for competitions.
    • Implemented a highlights and news feed feature where users could go back and watch events they missed and get the latest news on the competitions and athletes, respectively.

    Technologies Used: Java, Android SDK, ADT, AVD, PHP, RESTful API webservice, OAuth, MySQL, SQL, XML, JSON, JSOUP and Eclipse Classic IDE.

  • JAMALCO, Process Control Dept. (QUASAR)

    Jun 2011 - Aug 2011

    Software Engineer Intern

    Developed an inventory management system (CSIM) that is being used to track and manage all the company assets being used on the aluminum processing plant.

    • Created a feature that facilitated a barcode scanner to interface with the software in order to get or input information on the different assets.
    • Developed a feature that allows consolidation of the inventory, part lookup, and hierarchical structures for storing and relocating assets.
    • Implemented user access control and the generation of generalized reports.

    Technologies Used: Visual Basic .NET, LINQ, SQL and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

  • Bachelor’s Project

    Sep 2010 - Apr 2011

    Software Developer

    Created a Windows Phone 7 mobile application in partial fulfillment of my degree which was centered on giving the police in Jamaica the flexibility of using mobile devices to perform spot checks and have instant access to driver’s information stored on the government servers.

    • Developed a feature to allow the police to search for a driver’s record enabling them to immediately determine if a driver has any outstanding warranties, tickets, or an expired license.
    • Implemented a feature so that the police can do searches on a vehicle’s license plate number and get feedback on whether the vehicle is stolen or not.

    Technologies Used: C#, LINQ, RESTful API webservice, Fiddler2, PHP, and WAMP server.

Dev Skills (scale: 1-10)

  • I am familiar with Go(lang), C#, Python, Java, PHP, React, HTML/CSS, V(lang), FitNesse, JavaScript and TypeScript.


Dev Frameworks (scale: 1-10)

    Microsoft .NET

Testing Frameworks

  • FitNesse
  • NUnit
  • XUnit
  • HttpMock (Golang)
  • SqlMock (Golang)


  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
  • SCRUM/Agile
  • CI/CD

Dev Tools

  • VS Code
  • Visual Studio
  • Kubernetes (K8)
  • Docker
  • Lens
  • WSL
  • Helm Charts

Honors and Awards

  • Advanced Software as a Service
    The University of California At Berkeley through edX, 2013 [verify]

  • Software as a Service
    The University of California At Berkeley through edX, 2013 [verify]

  • Certificate of Achievement
    Outstanding Performance in System Administration and Engineering, 2011

  • Academic Excellence
    Outstanding academic achievement attaining to the highest honors, The Dean’s List, 2010


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